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02 June 2006 @ 11:10 pm
ficlet + drabble [Akutsu/Dan; PG & TezuRyo; PG]  
Five Truths about Dan Taichi and Five Lies about Akutsu Jin [Akutsu/Dan; PG; 611 words]
for wax. ♥


Right up until the moment Dan plopped enthusiastically out of his mother into the wide world, his parents had been sure that he was a she. They had their hearts dead-set on a girl from the beginning. They decided that it didn’t matter very much that all of his new clothes were pink – it wasn’t like a baby knew that they were girly! Of course, they might have gone a bit over the top by still using the sparkly hair-clips – but it wasn’t like anyone else knew he was a boy! At that age, they all looked squashy and red anyway. Strangely, Dan doesn’t mind showing his baby pictures to Akutsu-senpai.


Akutsu’s mother was a virgin when she suddenly found herself impregnated with what was later discovered to be The Antichrist. Akutsu also wasn’t birthed – he punched his way out of the womb.


Dan’s favorite food used to be cotton candy. His mother told him that sugar adding to his natural hyperactive state wasn’t healthy, but that only made him want more – he loved the feeling of the spun sugar melting to sweet perfection on his tongue. But then Akutsu-senpai gruffly asked Dan if he wanted to finish the bag of M&Ms that he didn’t want anymore. Dan ate one a day, and when they were finished, he saved the bag in the bottom of his desk drawer.


Akutsu once ate a live baby. He also once ate a dead baby, but that wasn’t anywhere near as messy.


Dan has a pet hamster named Jin that is grey and large and likes to bite most people. However, Jin never bites Dan, no matter how many times Dan sticks his hands in the cage or pets him. Dan lets Jin meet Akutsu-senpai, and Jin promptly bites him on the side of his hand. Dan blushes as he holds the towel to Akutsu-senpai’s injury, fingers pressed to the warm skin of Akutsu-senpai’s wrist and palm.


Akutsu is indirectly the reason why Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up. He also helped hook Brad up with Angelina. A further explanation would come, except it gets rather complicated.


Dan prays every night without fail. He’s very dramatic about it: perched on his knees with his eyes toward the window, resolutely fixed on the stars that can’t really be made out in the Tokyo sky. Sometimes he prays that he’ll develop killer tennis skills like Ryoma-kun. Sometimes he prays that he’ll have the luck and determination of Sengoku-senpai. Mostly, he prays that he’ll grow big and strong and perfect like Akutsu-senpai. But every night, after praying for his own happiness, he adds in another prayer for Akutsu-senpai’s.


Akutsu once shot a priest in the face after the priest looked at him funny. There is also a small, but fervent religious cult that worships him and sacrifices two freshmen tennis players each full moon in his name.


Dan loves tennis an awful lot. He loves the feeling of hitting the ball, he loves running around and he loves how cool it looks. But mostly, he thinks he loves tennis because of the people who play it. He wants to tell Akutsu-senpai that he loves one player in particular, but that’s an awfully scary thing to do. So he writes little love letters with hearts on the envelopes. He doesn’t sign them, but he doesn’t realize that every sentence ends with a desu.


Akutsu doesn’t keep the stupid letters that the stupid woman said were delivered by a stupid secret admirer. They aren’t under his pillow. Akutsu doesn’t think “I love you, desu!” is cute. Akutsu doesn’t say it back. They don’t live happily ever after.

Unwrapped [Tezuka/Ryoma; PG; 174 words]
also for wax because the Akutsu/Dan was late.

Tezuka keeps his feelings in sealed boxes; he rarely gives the gift of opening them to other people.

He remembers exactly how it was the last time he and Echizen faced each other across the net.

When Echizen, eyes wet with the grief of a hard-eared victory, had looked at him, he had revealed his pride in how much Echizen has grown. It had been the closest he would come to a confession: he had only exposed himself like that because Echizen had been leaving, and Tezuka likes leaving lasting final impressions.

In a hidden box, he had masked his relief of life being simple – controlled – again. In another, the urge to cry – the urge to hit things. In a box that he had kept closest and most secure, he kept his desire to kiss Echizen and ask him not to leave. That box had been near the one in which Tezuka left to follow Echizen and forgot about Seigaku.

When he looks at Echizen now, he feels the fastenings on his emotions loosen.
le_lith: lovelessle_lith on July 17th, 2006 10:16 pm (UTC)
Awesome! I loved the last Akutsu lie especially. ^_^
Lullaby in my hand: cup of heart by bottled_inktodaythesamesky on July 23rd, 2006 07:26 am (UTC)
slovak vampire: obsession ^__^numisma on July 25th, 2006 08:18 pm (UTC)
Both of these are awesome, but the Akutsu/Dan one especially. So much love for it.